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Seafury Website en uw Privacy

The Seafury BV website uses Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that allows website owners to understand how visitors interact with their website. Google Analytics customers can display a varierty of repaorts with information abouw how visitors interact with their website. Bases on this information, they van improve their website. Data is collected anonymously with Google Analytics. Website trends are reported withour indentifying individual visitors. We have signed a policy-agreement with google that we do not share data and that the last section of your ip-adres is masked. We do not use any other google services in combination with Google Analytics.

More information about what this means for you privacy can be found at 'Google Privacy Overview'.

Privacy policy

Seafury B.V. It is important to protect the information that you provide to us. Your personal data will be handled with the utmost care and secured and thus also your privacy. In this privacy policy we inform you about which personal data we collect from you and for which we subsequently use it. This privacy policy applies to anyone who has contact with Seafury B.V., regardless of whether you are (ex-) customer or just visiting our website.

Privacy policy pdf - download